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“Holoholo  in the Hawaiian dictionary means to go cruising, for a ride or for leisure. But the hidden meaning is so much more….it means spending quality time with family and friends” Connecting with each other while connecting with nature. Exploration, story telling, sharing of food are all necessary components. when someone is going holoholo, he or she is adventuring for the fun of it and to clear his or her mind. It “is kind of like a journey without a destination, ” explains Harry Uhane Jim, author of Wise Secrets of Aloha. “It’s also the very definition of how we heal.  Yolo is an acronym for “ you only live once.” Hence holoholoyolo.

Aloha! My name is Jason Keinigs, and welcome to my blog! I write to you from the beautiful island of O’ahu, Hawai’i. I moved to O’ahu from Albuquerque, New Mexico (USA)* about two years ago to live with my now husband Tracy, and our dog Oliver! Though I miss New Mexico, and green chili!!! It’s pretty hard to miss it when you live in one the most beautiful places on earth!

From the moment I touched down to this island, something in me knew that this was the place I belonged! I was originally born in Gyeonggi- do, South Korea and was adopted when I was seven. So, when I visited O’ahu two years ago it felt like the closest thing to home! I no longer looked like an outsider, and could easily pass as a local.  I would have to say that my passions are photography, traveling and food! I love taking pictures!! What can I say….I’m Asian! And if you are a major foodie like me! Then O’ahu is certainly a place to visit! With it”s world renown beaches, vast array of award winnning cuisines to the unlimited outdoor activities,  O’ahu has something for everyone to enjoy!

Thus, This is how my blog started! I wanted something in which I could utilize my talents and creativity and place them in what I would like to call a digital diary to not only chronicle my adventures but to share my creativity and talents with the rest of you! With this blog I hope to inspire your traveling spirit to not only visit Hawai’i but to simply inspire you to discover and travel the world around you. So get ready to holoholo with me and let’s see where it take us!


Jason Keinigs

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