Koko Crater Botanical Garden – Trail

Nestled in a crater formed by a volcano is where you’ll find this one of a kind Botanical Garden.Β 

The garden was first established in 1958. It’s hot, dry climate makes it suitable for Plumeria and Bougainvilleas, which you will encounter plenty of during your hike.Β This garden also holds a dual title of the Charles M. Willis Cactus Garden. In recognition of his contributions to the garden, in 1966.

Cactus Garden

Of all the botanical gardens that I’ve visited thus far on this island, this one was probably one of my favorites. Because it’s located in on the most desert like parts of Oahu, the scenery is unlike the other botanical gardens which are lush and green.

The plants in this garden come from different parts of the globe including; Madagascar, the Americas, Africa, and Hawaii. There is also the Charles M. Willis Cactus Garden which includes various types of cacti and wild flowers.

My Tips

I would recommend a pair of shoes with good traction. The trail is made of loose dirt, rocks, and plenty of goat heads, so you’ll want thick soles as well.

There are no amenities other than picnic tables that are located in various parts of the garden. So make sure use the restroom before you go.

Unfortunately there is little, to no shade on this trail so make sure to wear that sunscreen and bring plenty of water because there no water fountains.Β  I’d recommend going early morning.

Make sure to secure your vehicle if you drive there. Though there is a uniformed security guard that watches the unpaved parking lot and entrance seven days a week. The guard may not be on duty and was not when I visited.

Please make sure to stay on the trail and keep your hands off the plants and trees.

Pink Plumeria

Getting There

Address: 7491 Kokonani St. Honolulu, HI. 96825

By car from Waikiki

By theBus


Open daily from 7AM – 5:30PM Closed: Christmas and New Year’s


Free Admission

Hope you enjoy your visit!




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